Prezi – Share Your Prezi

As with programs like Google Docs, offers collaboration features.  Since this program is entirely web-based, multiple people can work on a single document at one time.  Say goodbye to email attachments.

Prezi – Get Started

After you watch this short 7 minute video, you should feel pretty comfortable using There are a few nuances that take a little getting used to, like resizing objects, but over all this resource is mostly intuitive. Then What? Challenge yourself, impress...

Introduction to

If you’re a wiz with a scissors, glue stick, and construction paper, but go cross-eyed when trying to design something on the computer, might be just the thing for you.  Unlike expensive programs like Photoshop, that can cost upwards of $600,

Introduction to Pixton is a powerfull, and free-to-register comic strip maker. Use with your Interactive Whiteboard to create writing prompts, demonstrate sequencing, summarize key events, and have a little bit of fun. The image to right is an avatar I created using...

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