I first stumbled upon the notion of selling your by-products when I read Rework by the guys from Basecamp.

Sell Your By-Products

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the co-founders of Basecamp and authors of Rework, explain that in the early days at the Ford Motor Company, a disconcerting amount of wood was left over as a by-product of the Model-T. Instead of scrapping that material, they found a way to turn it into charcoal briquettes. You probably know this by-product by its current consumer facing name Kingsford Charcoal.

Interestingly, Jason and David followed this same playbook by releasing a version of the codebase that powers their software to the world as an open source project called Ruby on Rails – a framework that powers some of the internet’s most popular destinations.

Teaching the Research PaperMy By-Product

To meet a requirement for a graduate course, I recently had to write a research paper on any country in the world through an economic lens. I chose Singapore and along the way refined a system that made writing a breeze.

Like Henry, Jason, and David before me, I too decided to repurpose my by-product by converting my system into an Ebook single that is now available for download here:

My Ask of You

This is an early release. There are likely a few errors of the spelling and grammatical variety. Please download the book, enjoy it, use it, share it, but let me know what needs fixing and how it can be improved in the comments section below.


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