Snaggy makes using the print screen key easier than any other tool I’ve ever seen. This video demonstrates how it works.


Print Screen

The print screen key is one of the lesser known keys on the keyboard. Mac users actually don’t have one, but its functionality exists with the key combination Command + Shift + 4. So what does it mean to print your screen? Basically, when you press the print screen key, you take a snapshot of everything that is on your computer monitor and that image is saved to your clipboard – ready to be pasted. This is especially useful when you’re presented with an error message that you don’t know what to do with. Support professionals are far more likely to accurately diagnose a problem, when they can actually see what the problem is.

I Pressed the Key, Now What?

Traditionally, users would have to paste the copied screenshot image into a graphics program of some sort, save the file, and then add it as an attachment to an email. For many users, the task of using graphics software is prohibitively complicated, and thus this useful feature is seldom used. to the Rescue

With snaggy, you don’t need to open graphics software or add attachments. Simply press the Print Screen key, visit, and press CTRL + V to paste the copied screenshot. Snaggy will automatically create a unique URL with your embedded screenshot that you can send to support, or whomever you’d like.

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