DNA Structure and BasesThis post includes a number of resources that may be appropriate for a genetics science unit.


I’ve previously mentioned watchknowlearn.org on my site.  A genetics unit is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate its value. If you type in the search term: “genetics”, you will be receive a plethora of pre-selected and user-rated educational videos like this one from Bill Nye the Science Guy:

Understanding Genetics

This resource is brought to you by the The Tech Museum and the Stanford School of Medicine.  You will find a number of interactive and student friendly resources here.

Heredity - TraitsLearn.Genetics

This link is a great resources for learning about heredity and inherited traits.  I especially like the photo slide show that depicts the different types of observable traits.  The University of Utah’s Genetic Science Learning Center is responsible for putting this excellent resource together.

Genetics ResourcesPunnett Squares

This resource would work well in small groups or as a whole class on an interactive whiteboard.  Exercise your Punnett Square expertise by breeding long tail, albino lemmings.

You’ll find mini-quizzes embedded into the instructional activities here.


I’ve written about Prezi.com in the past.  Here’s an example where I used the Explore feature to find a pre-made prezi-presentation.  This could work well as an introductory presentation.

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