This post is in response to a breakout session at the 2011 Interactiv Conference.  The presenter introduced 10 free websites and programs that enhance Interactive Whiteboard instruction.  The academic value of each website ranges from “kind of fun but not so helpful” to “intellectually stimulating.” The links to each resource can be found at the presenter’s website at

Below, you will find a summary of a few of the resources.

  • I found the use of Google Earth (which is a downloadable application, not a website) as a means to take students on virtual field trips to be particularly engaging and just downright cool.  One presenter demonstrated a real world application of Pythagorean’s theorem by examining the optimal slope of ski runs in Utah!
  • has very little educational value, but could be very fun to play with on a SMART Board.
  • is essentially a website that bookmarks other websites.  This could be very useful for web quests or pointing students in the right direction for research purposes.  At the very least, it will save teachers endless amounts of frustration trying to get students to type in exactly the right URL (especially when it has one of these “~” what is that anyway?)

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